Employee of the Month

Blount Construction’s Employee of the Month List


Blount Construction Company is excited to announce Dennis Gathings Jr. as our July 2021 Employee Owner of the Month. Dennis joined Blount four years ago as an Operator. Since then, he has been very agile and become an “All Around Crew Member” by being able to operate any piece of equipment the company owns. His comedic attitude always keeps everyone in a joyful mood while never letting the serious nature of the work go astray. Scott Madaris, his current foreman, says “He is very happy to work with Dennis as you can always count on him to get the job done.” Let’s congratulate Dennis on this well-deserved recognition.


Blount Construction Company would like to present Antonio Herrington as our June Employee Owner of the month.  Antonio is a member of Blount’s concrete crew and performs all tasks to the fullest every day. He keeps a positive attitude for himself and encourages fellow workers to do the same. Antonio always shows up on time ready to do his part as well as help others to make the job easier. Let us all congratulate Antonio and continue Blount Construction Company’s hard work and positive attitude.

Employee of the Month: May 2021

Blount Construction Company would like to present David L McHan as our May Employee Owner of the month. David works on the Sandy Springs maintenance crew and encourages teamwork and hard work amongst his fellow crew members. Having a great attendance record and a constant good attitude helps lead the crew to do better with every task. David’s strive for success and constant dedication shows that he is well due for this award. Let’s all congratulate him on a job well done.

Employee of the Month: April 2021

Blount Construction Company Inc would like to congratulate Casey Nellums as our April 2021 employee owner of the month. Working as Blount’s contract administrator she is an asset to the company both within her assigned task as well as helping any one in the office that needs assistance. Casey always has a positive attitude and performs each task with professionalism. Lets all thank Casey for a job well done!

Employee of the Month: March 2021

Our March Blount Construction Company employee owner of the month is Craig Porter. As an equipment operator Craig has been a strong asset in the completion of jobs assigned to the team. His dedication to completing assignments properly keep the crew on schedule. Tasks assigned to Craig are handled with every detail considered, so nothing is overlooked.  His work ethic is an asset to his crew and to Blount Construction Company. Please thank Craig Porter for his hard work and dedication to the Company.

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