Employee of the Month

Blount Construction’s Employee of the Month List

Employee of the Month: October 2020

Blount Construction is proud to announce Hunter Nichols as the October Employee owner of the month. While working at our Rome plant facility Hunter has been instrumental in keeping the plant at full operating capacity. Even with a reduced staff and maintenance issues Hunter eagerly tackles the problem; finding positive solutions to keep the operation moving forward.  During highly stressful situations Hunter keeps a level head and gets the job done consistently every day. Let us give him a congratulations for his hard work and winning this award.

Employee of the Month September 2020

For the month of September 2020, Blount Construction Company has awarded Fernando Fuentes Employee Owner of the month. During his 17 years at Blount, Fernando always arrives at work early and eager. Ready to complete the daily tasks. Fernando will do anything he is asked to do and always gives 100% to make sure the job is completed correctly. Fernando’s positive attitude and steady professionalism keeps the rest of the HA5 crew in good spirits. Please congratulate him on this well-deserved award.

Employee of the Month August 2020

Kenny Bailey was chosen as the Employee of the month for August 2020. As an equipment operator Kenny reports to work every day with a great attitude and a desire to get the job done. He always goes above and beyond and looks for the best practices to work efficiently and safely. Please help us congratulate Kenny on this well-earned award.

Blount Construction’s Previous Employee(s) of the Month March 2019 – July 2020

Nominations are now open. Please be sure to nominate any person you think should be Employee of the month. To nominate a fellow employee owner, you can email [email protected], or TEXT your nomination to one of the nomination committee listed below. Please provide name, date, and a small description of why you are nominating this person.

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