Employee of the Month

Blount Construction’s Employee of the Month List


For our December and final Employee Owner of the Month of 2022, the recognition goes to Brandon Ayers.  Brandon started with Blount Construction in 2016 as a Surveyor’s Assistant, helping layout project sites for our grading and pipe crews. Being only 20 years old at the time, Brandon was eager to learn and assist wherever needed. Having extensive knowledge in information systems, Brandon stepped up when Blount needed an in-house IT professional. As our Systems Administrator, he manages our licensing and updating hardware and software assets. He troubleshoots and ensures that appropriate measures are proactively followed in response to unforeseen issues such as IT downtime or zero-day exploits. But whether staying late or working on weekends to update our servers or getting a phone out to a person on site, Brandon always goes above and beyond to get the job done. Please thank Brandon for his hard work at keeping Blount Construction connected and ready for the future.


Blount Construction Company is pleased to announce Esteban Tadeo as our November 2022 Employee Owner of the Month. Esteban joined The Blount Family in April 2022 and he’s been rocking and rolling as a distributor driver since. In such a short period, Esteban proved himself to be a dedicated employee, not just to the company, but to other employees he works with. He’s professional, works well with everybody, and doesn’t shy away from lending a hand to get the job done. Help us congratulate Esteban for this accomplishment.


Blount Construction Company would like to congratulate Juan Diaz on receiving the October Employee owner of the month.  Juan’s primary job is ground support for the reclaimer on one of our Full depth reclamation crews.  While doing this job Juan is very dependable and helps the operator of the reclaimer watch out for all the potential dangers around the machine. But he does not stop there. Juan will jump on a roller or grab a shovel and help clear curb lines whenever it is needed. There is no task that he will not complete to help his crew complete the job quickly and safely. Juan never complains and always has a smile on his face. Let’s congratulate Juan on being a positive impact to Blount Construction Company and receiving this award in October.


Blount Construction Company would like to congratulate Austin Iler for receiving the September Employee owner of the month.  Austin is an operator with one of our Full Depth reclamation crews. When not working with this crew he works in the shop helping with maintenance and repair of vital equipment. Many of the mechanics enjoy Austin helping because he is always wanting to learn and never backs down from a new challenging task. Learning how to maintain the equipment helps Austin be more responsible when operating them in the field. The continual thirst for knowledge and the improvement in his ability to operate machinery is why we say, “job well done!” and hope you congratulate him on his hard work.


Blount Construction Company would like to congratulate Austin Callahan for receiving the August Employee owner of the month.  Austin is a laborer and has worked at our Rome Asphalt plant since 2019. As a laborer many tasks are assigned to Austin throughout the day. He takes on each task positively and completes them with professional results. When other plant operators were assigned to different tasks or locations Austin is willing to step in to run the plant. Without hesitation Austin is always willing to take on any responsibilities to ensure the daily operations of the plant. Let’s all give Austin a round of applause for being our August Employee owner of the month.

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