Employee of the Month

Blount Construction’s Employee of the Month List

Employee of the Month: March 2021

Our March Blount Construction Company employee owner of the month is Craig Porter. As an equipment operator Craig has been a strong asset in the completion of jobs assigned to the team. His dedication to completing assignments properly keep the crew on schedule. Tasks assigned to Craig are handled with every detail considered, so nothing is overlooked.  His work ethic is an asset to his crew and to Blount Construction Company. Please thank Craig Porter for his hard work and dedication to the Company.

Employee of the Month: February 2021

The winner of the February Blount Construction Employee owner of the month is Patrick Epps. Having been with the company only a short time he has consistently shown dedication to great work with the highest standard. Within his first few months at the company, he went above and beyond quickly putting out a fire on company equipment while at a job site. Patrick always keeps an eye on the equipment to quickly report any issues, keeping minor problems from escalating into major issues.  This along with a great attitude helps Patrick produce positive results on Blount’s Full Depth Reclamation projects. Please congratulate him for a job well done!


It is our pleasure to award Josh Reddish the Blount Construction Employee Owner of the month for January. Josh has worked with Blount for 8 years at our Rome asphalt plant. During that time, he has been an outstanding Plant foreman and operator. With many loads of asphalt going out daily to supply our clients Josh makes sure the loads are delivered quickly, and with high quality. He always keeps a good attitude and ensures all documentation is delivered in a fast and orderly manner. His organization skills and timely record keeping help keep the plant and our company running smoothly. Please be sure to thank Josh for a job well done!!


For the month of December, we have awarded Melvin ‘Cisco’ Allen as Blount’s Employee Owner of the month.  Melvin has been a driver for the company since 2008, providing our crews with roll off containers and supplies in a safe and timely manner. When not driving Melvin has always been helpful around the shop, taking on any tasks that have been asked of him. He showed his dedication and loyalty to the company this past year by taking on an additional role as a distributor driver when one was not available. Melvin always keeps a positive attitude and makes sure all the work is completed in every role he has been asked to perform. Please congratulate Cisco for a job well done.


This month’s Employee Owner of the Month award goes to Bradley Ketner our Safety Manager.  Brad has been here for the last ten months and in that time has made a significant contribution to our company.  The first example came shortly after his arrival when one of our customers coined the phrase “what would Brad do” in dealing with difficult situations.  Brad has gone over and above the call of duty to help keep our employee owners safe and OSHA compliant.  We continue to receive compliments from all who come into contact with him whether they are customers, crews or our insurance providers for the outstanding work he is performing.  Brad has a can-do attitude and exemplifies the ownership culture of our company!

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