Blount Construction’s Previous Employee(s) of the Month March 2019 – July 2020

Nominations are now open. Please be sure to nominate any person you think should be Employee of the month. To nominate a fellow employee owner, you can email [email protected], or TEXT your nomination to one of the nomination committee listed below. Please provide name, date, and a small description of why you are nominating this person.

Roy R Rogers:678-697-9325

Zeke Samuel: 770-231-0678

March 2019: Celso Zuniga

April 2019: John Lawton

May 2019: Lee Iler

June 2019: Carlos Vidal

July 2019: Juan Hernendez

September 2019: Justin Ricci

September 2019: Jimmy Sorrells

October 2019: Kyle Kastenschmidt

November 2019: Donald Brooks

December 2019: Caleb Binkley

January 2020: Christine Atkinson

February 2020 : Everardo Lopez

March 2020: Aristeo Zuniga

April 2020: Nathan Marchant

May 2020: Xavier Samuel

June 2020: Jason Johnston

July 2020: Julio Buendia

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